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> Local News > South Brittany > Chateaulin Carhaix > District of Chateaulin > Plomodiern > Paper published on July 24, 2005

Lecture in the chapel of
Sainte-Marie-du-Menez-Hom :
the Knight Templars in the limelight

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The explanation of François Gazay has interested the attendance at his lecture.(Click HERE to enlarge the photo)

It is in the company of François Gazay, keen on ancient history, that was held Thursday evening a lecture in the chapel of Sainte-Marie-du-Menez-Hom on the Knight Templars and the famous icon of Mandylion which decorates the small calvary of Croaz-Rhu located in the « Red-Cross Field » near the chapel.

A lecturer enthralling

The 80 people present were held spellbound until midnight with the explanations and the observations that François Gazay has given on the Knight Templars and the near certainty that a site having been devoted to them existed in the chapel. Trained as a scientist, François Gazay is now a specialist in « sindonology ». He is a member of Shroud Science, a Group of approximately 100 researchers all over the world who are interested in the « sindonem » or « Shroud of Turin ». They meet very regularly around this topic, confront their research and refine their assumptions in order to discover the truth on the origins of this object and its history.

The Mandylion of Croaz-Rhu

The discovery of François Gazay was unexpected. When he was visiting the district a few years ago, he discussed with some inhabitants of Plomodiern and then he learned the existence of Croaz-Rhu Mandylion. This one is the representation on a low-relief of the face of « Christ » such as it would be on Turin Shroud. Research now has established an unquestionable link between this religious object and the presence of Knight Templars in the district.

In the chapel « the room of the red monks » attests the presence of Knight Templars in olden days. This room is former to the construction of the chapel itself and is probably in tune with the time of the small calvary of Croaz-Rhu (Red-Cross).

All the evening was thus dedicated to the discovery of the researcher on this conjugation of events. The attendants showed themselves very interested, questioning the researcher on his work. Only disappointment in the picture, the fact that undoubtedly there is not treasure under the calvary contrary to what the legend said.

One can visit the Websites of the researcher : http://www.cirac.org/shroud/Shroud.htm ou http://www.cirac.org/Mandylion.pdf,
or mail him a message to frgazay@cirac.org.

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