Yo expresamente recomiendo este CD. Contiene una increíble cantidad de información, cientos de fotos magnificas y include muchas cronologias y definiciones.

Joe Marino, Sindonologista
B.A. en Estudios Teológicos Universidad de St Louis (USA)

I am writing to tell you how very impressed I am with the high production value and quality of the content of The Mandylion. In fact, everyone at CMN came into my office to see what was playing on my computer and making such intriguing sound effects. Once they started watching, they didn't want to stop. They wanted to see and learn more.

I believe you have created a valuable tool for education and presented it in technical manner that compliments today's digital technology.

Anne Jackson, Editor
The CMN Trade Journal, Catholic Marketing Network (USA)

I just read your press release about A Templar Mandylion in Brittany. It was truly a fascinating read and discovery. For your information, I have been studying the Shroud and related Relics of the Passion for about 8 years, serving as Executive Director of CSST, the Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin. Congratulations on your research. I am sure it will prove instrumental in new developments regarding Shroud studies.

Philip E. Dayvault, Executive Director
CSST, the Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin (USA)

Only yesterday I discovered the web page The first CD-ROM on the mystery of the Shroud of Turin is now available.. All the project sounds very good and you must be a well documented man.

Prof.ssa Emanuela Marinelli Paolicchi
Collegamento pro Sindone (Italy)

I have reviewed The Mandylion: A 2000 Year Old Enigma. It is very good and, in some respects, spectacular. It would be a product that we would be privileged to offer through the Guild.

Rev. Fred Brinkmann, C.Ss.R.
President, Holy Shroud Guild (USA)

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