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We are pleased to extend the terms of Net 30 days to all customers who have established an open account with MERSI Ltd. To open a credit trading account, please submit your Banker's details.
MERSI Ltd welcomes new accounts and will process orders on a prepaid basis when an open account is being established. Please request the issuance of a proforma when you place an order. Our Banker's details are provided on our proforma invoices.
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For new accounts, prepayment checks should be mailed to our European Accountancy :
MERSI, BP 7, F78350 Les Loges en Josas
France:  MERSI, BP 7, F78350 Les Loges en Josas, Tél/Fax: +33 139 569 622 
England:  MERSI, 12 Queensville Road, London SW12 OJJ, Tel: +44 181 678 1800
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