The most complete CD-ROM investigating the mystery of the Shroud of Turin,
is now available in English, Spanish and French, and published under the title :
« The Mandylion, a 2000-year-old Enigma  » 

François Gazay announces his completion of the most complete CD-ROM on the Shroud of Turin, available in English as well as French and Spanish. This fascinating investigation on the mystery of the Shroud of Turin explores the historical and physical evidence surrounding the disappearance of a man, and the strange imprint he left behind. Now available for non-French speakers, the CD-ROM is published by the author under the title «  The Mandylion, a 2000-year-old Enigma  ». 

Why «  The Mandylion ?  ».  In several Mediterranean countries, this term is frequently used in place of the «  Shroud of Turin  ». It was employed throughout Antiquity and the Middle Ages to designate this mysterious object.   « After 10 years of on-site research on the official and secret travels of the Shroud, in Greece, Cyprus, Istanbul, the Middle East, France and Italy, François Gazay notes that the name « The Mandylion » is frequently used in documents relating to this object. 

The Mandylion: an enigma for ever 20 centuries 
The « Mandylion » affair is the most intriguing enigma of our time. Research done by several international scientists, researchers, and organizations over the years, has proven its genuineness. The mystery, however, only begins here. What happened to the body it contained? How did it disappear? For Christians the explanation is simple: the body was resurrected. This investigation, however, needs a corpse, and the most important clue as to the whereabouts of that corpse is in its image visible on the piece of cloth it was wrapped in. Since then, the Mandylion has had some fantastic adventures. It has taken secret trips, been stolen, traded, worshipped, escaped fires and, during its 2000 year journey through the Mediterranean basin, always inspired fascination. 

A Turin Shroud CD-ROM to « surf on » the enigma or to « go into » the subject 
This unique CD-ROM is commercialized and internationally shipped under the title « The Mandylion, a 2000-year-old Enigma  » . It is an unbiased and captivating investigation, with no affiliation to religious or philosophical ideologies. The user can investigate the enigma and delve more deeply into the subject, accessing an extensive bibliography and web links: 

Basic Investigation 
This Turin Shroud CD-ROM includes a complete 2-hour multimedia investigation. Numerous animated images contribute to a better understanding of this complex and mysterious subject. It provides Viewer and Internet Browser and is easily downloadable on all PC computers. 

A search system by keywords allows the user to find the book, the author or the publisher very quickly. Many books and works dealing with this subject have been written through the ages and the user will find the relevant electronic bibliography included in this CD-ROM. 

An electronic Library with scientific and historic documents 
The CD-ROM includes an electronic Library with a special reader for historical, scientific documents and proofs recorded under pdf format. It is a true database progressively compiling the historical, literary and scientific documents which are the basis for this investigation. It is a reference allowing research on the details of the investigation every step of the way. Organized by types of information, it includes a search system by keywords and hyperlinks. 

Links to Websites dealing with the subject 
The subject of this investigation being very complex, and research being continuously conducted by several scientists, universities and other organizations, it is necessary to frequently update the information. The user will find in this Turin Shroud CD-ROM a link secured by password to access our Website in order to acquire the latest and most impartial information on the subject. Other links to other Websites dealing with the subject are also incorporated in this CD-ROM. Very often these other Websites have only religious or philosophical points of view and refuse to analyze this mystery from a purely scientific and historic perspective. The user can access all of these Websites simply by clicking the relevant URLs with the computer mouse. 

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