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« French Regards »
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L'auteur Bernard Cadillon  French Regards de Bernard Cadillon

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« French Regards » par Bernard Cadillon
a book of poetry

Recueil de poésies de 160 pages avec des poèmes en anglais majoritairement, quelques poèmes en français et un poème en espagnol. Couverture souple avec à l'intérieur des dessins en noir et blanc réalisés par l'auteur.

Born in Dakar, Bernard took a liking to poetry and started writing poems from an early age. During his sociology studies he learnt a lot about European history, part of which finds its way in his poetry. He has taken part in a painting exhibition and in several photography exhibitions with French associations. In 1997, he stayed in Bournemouth (England) where he started writing poetry in English. Since then he has continuously been in touch with native speakers, with a declared aim to improve his knowledge and control of the language. Bernard’s poetry has been often included in various anthologies, and has been short-listed in several poetry contests. He hopes that the readers of this book will enjoy reading his poetry.

ISBN: 978-1-4478-9252-6


Comptes-rendus de lecture pour le recueil de poèmes « French Regards » de Bernard Cadillon

...what a challenge, what a dare. The poetry included in this book samples life from a variety of angles: near, remote, historic, social, criminal, artistic... and Bernard’s interspersing of words with black & white reproductions of his paintings bestows upon this book a feel of artistic completeness. Avis complet

Bernard Cadillon is an artist at and of heart. Trying his hand in painting, trying his hand in photography, he decided to try his hand also in the toughest of them all - poetry. English poetry for a native French speaker... Avis complet

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